Thursday, November 8, 2012

Lego Unit Study

What kid doesn't LOVE Legos?  I am putting together a Lego Unit Study for my children and I will share all the FREE goodies I find in this post.  I hope you enjoy!

FREE Lego Unit Study Notebooking Pages to accompany Noah's Ark Homeschool Academy's Lego Unit Study! (14 pg. PDF)

Noah's Ark Homeschool Academy Lego Unit Study

Lego Learning on Pinterest! (Follow Noah's Ark Homeschool Academy's Lego Learning Board)

How Stuff Works: Legos

How do Legos Work?

Lego Minifigures 

Lego Lapbook FREE Printables

Teach a Lego Class

Easy Fun School Lego Links

Homeschooling Ideas Lego Projects

Weird Richard Lego Lessons  (you can do the free trial and pick and choose what you do for the unit study)

The Brick Bible  (Bible stories told with Legos)

An 8 year old homeschooled boys presentation All About Legos (a little hard to hear but a cute idea)

Lego Coloring Pages

Tons of Lego Party Ideas (There are so many ideas on here that could be transformed into an educational activity)

Color the Super Hero Poster

Lots of Lego Resources

Lego Batman Cube Craft

Kathy's Cluttered Mind Free Lego Learning Resources

Pinterest Lego Learning Board

Lego Math Worksheets

Lego Lapbook

Free Subscription to Lego Education Magazine

Lego on Squidoo

The History and Science of Legos

Lego Space

Planning With Kids

Kindergarten Lego Printables

Lego Learning

Quest Kids

My Crazy Big Life Blog

A Lego Story (Animated History of Lego) 

These are pictures from our trip to Legoland in 2009


  1. This looks like a great unit study, so many wonderful resources. I will have to work it in to my sons' schedule.

    1. Thank you so much! I truly hope you enjoy. Please let me know how it works out for you and your son.

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