Saturday, December 8, 2012

Life of Fred; Apples, Chapter 4

"When Fred started jogging, there was only a couple of inches of snow on the ground."

We made snow pictures so that we could measure how deep our snow was.

We painted our pictures in pointillism fashion with Q-tips and white paint.

First we outlined,

Then we filled it in.

After we were finished with our pictures we measured the low point and high point of our snow.

We wrote our low and high point in white colored pencil.

Mama Bear is working hard.

Big Man's finished snow picture.

We practiced counting by 5's in Fred fashion.  Click this link to download and print our work pages that we used for this lesson.

Little Guy drawing 5 seeds on each apple.

"And the temperature was falling..."
I found these FREE printable thermometers on TPT and printed them out on card stock.

I wrote temperatures on the white board and my kiddos set their practice thermometers to those temperatures.  You can make it a game by having your kiddos race.

I also found this matching game on TPT for FREE of course.  I gave each child two thermometers and two cards that didn't match their thermometers and had them play go fish style.



To gain a better understanding of negative numbers we drew a tree with roots.  Ground level being zero, above ground being positive numbers, and below ground being negative numbers.

Mama Bear's negative number tree.

Big Man's negative number tree.
We used rulers to make our number lines and separated each number by an inch.

This is the counting by 10's work page that we used to reinforce the skill.

Good job Little Mama!

"Ten are on the top, and ten on the bottom. 10+10=20."

I drew and cut out the mouths for them.  They colored them in.

And glued on the teeth.

"Baby teeth are called deciduous teeth."

Little Guy still has all of his deciduous teeth.

Very nice job Mama Bear!
How much is a mile?  Fred usually runs 10 miles but today only ran 2 miles.  I created a cute work page about miles and feet.

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  1. This is fantastic!!!!! We just got our first Life of Fred book this week. My daughter is in first grade this year and was absolutely miserable with the workbook style of math. I am a math teacher so I really want her to love math. I'm really hoping she'll enjoy the Fred books but I wanted to supplement and reinforce what she is learning without too much "drill and kill". I love your ideas! Thank you so much for sharing. I will be following your adventures.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment! I appreciate you taking the time out to let me know what you think! We enjoy Life of Fred very much, so you can count on future lessons following through at least all the Elementary series. I am humbled to get such great feedback from a math teacher. The Lesson for chapter 5 will be coming soon. I teach my 4 children together and they are all at different levels, so the workbook style doesn't work for us. Life of Fred allows me to teach all my children at one time and allows them to learn at their own pace. It has been a blessing to us. We supplement with IXL and Khan Academy. I'm sure you already know about them but for others than may read this I will explain. IXL is drill but it's presented in a fun way and is online. My children enjoy doing computer lessons and I enjoy this time when I am hands free to do my lesson planning. Khan Academy has drill as well with the practice sessions, but it also provides online lesson videos. Khan Academy is a free resource while IXL is paid. Again I want to thank you for taking the time to comment.

  2. Wonderful!!! We came from Montessori math which is tons of hands on learning. I still want to stay true to that style. We started with Saxon math and while I do think it is okay, there is a ton of review in it, which is good for my 1st grader and the way he learns but my third grader get bored easily and then tunes out. I am currently trying to ease into more FRED and less drill and kill with him. The stories are engaging and I like the idea of learning WHY we do math and how we use it in our everyday life. I love the thermometers! Excellent idea!!!! Bookmarking you!!!! :)

  3. Hi I posted but not sure if it went you for sharing so much..I was wondering if you had done all these activities in one day and if not over the course of how many days did you complete each chapter with the corresponding activities ...thanks :)

  4. Thank you for helping! We just stared LoF on a whim this past week but I think it is going to be our math curriculum from now on! Thanks for the ideas! We are doing ch 4 tomorrow and now I have lots of ideas! Thanks! :)