Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Life of Fred; Apples, Chapter 2 Math Lesson

Today we read Chapter 2, completed the problems, and expanded with a few activities that related to today's lesson.  The topics covered were circles, ellipses, elapsed time of 1 hour, addition (parts of seven), and the days of the week. 

Here's what we did with Fred today!

We set our clocks to 6 o'clock.

Then we set our clocks an hour later. (which was 7 o'clock)

We traced our Days of the Week Song in cursive,

and in manuscript.



We broke out the alphabet beads and spelled all the days of the week.

We learned that circles and ellipses have four equal parts.
First, make a perfect square.
Second, fold into four equal parts.

Third, cut the corner off to form a curve.

Last open it up and find your perfect circle with 4 equal parts.

We made our own version of Kandinsky's Circle's.

Click the links below for other examples of this project.

Little Guy used Watercolor Pencils for his Masterpiece!

I used Oil Pastels for mine.

Here's my finished project!

Big Man,

Mama Bear, and Little Mama used Watercolor Paints.

Big Man's Masterpiece!

Little Mama's Masterpiece!
After Little Guy finished coloring with the Watercolor Pencils it was time to paint over it with water.

How cool is that?

Little Guy's finished Masterpiece!
Mama Bear's finished Masterpiece!

We learned that ellipses are circles from a different perspective. 
 I showed them a real cup from both views as well.

We used what we learned about circles and ellipses in our next lesson about closed and open composition pictures.  

We drew a picture of coins (circle view and ellipse view) in an open composition picture, and then in a closed composition picture.

I had the kids represent 5+2=7 in 7 different ways.

Then we wrote out the math equation we had just made.
We then solved the problem together.

We recorded our answers in our math journals.

We completed our lesson with a word problem that we recorded in our math journals.

These links are were I received inspiration for today's lesson.


  1. i want to say ThAnK YOU for blogging on life of fred. I am so thankful for your work and we are using it with our work.

    1. You are most welcome! Thank you for your comment! I truly appreciate the time you took to let me know you thougts! Sorry it has taken my so long to respond. My daughter spilt coffee on my computer, so I have been without it for awhile. I will be updating the Life of Fred lessons now that I have my computer back. Sorry for any inconvenience.

  2. Wow this is just what I was looking for! Hands on activities for life of Fred, I want to extend the learning using real life the same way LOF teaches. I want extra practice but not worksheets. I will be using LOF with my gifted three year old grandson, so no writing yet but marshmellows? Absloutely!