Monday, April 15, 2013

Memorizing the Books of the Bible

Jesus Resurrected

Day 1

  1. Make a Bible Memorization Notebook
    1. Start by printing off all these Books of the Bible coloring pages.  (Each one prints individually.)
    2. Hole punch them and put them in a folder or binder.
    3. Have your child color a few each day. 
    4. Place a lined piece of paper behind each of the coloring pages.
    5. Use these lined pieces of paper to record your child's memory verses, memory work.
    6. You may also place other Bible lessons behind these books.

Day 2

  1. Have your child do these Books of the Bible Word Searches.

Day 3

  1. Watch this video to see how to play this game. 
    1. I suggest you modify it so you can play this game anytime with 1 or several children.
    2. First write each division of the Bible on a separate piece of colored paper (or card stock) and then have them laminated.
      1. Law
      2. History
      3. Poetry
      4. Major Prophets
      5. Minor Prophets
      6. Gospels
      7. History
      8. Epistles (Letters)
      9. Prophesy
    3. Now you can put these papers on the floor and call out the Books of the Bible.
    4. Have the children either run, walk, skip, crawl, jump, skip, tip-toe...... to the division of the Bible that the Book you called out is in.
    5. Or, you can modify it further by writing each Book of the Bible on index cards and have your child sort them out. 
      1. They can just place the index cards on the division paper, or you can have them put them in order under the division paper.

Day 4

  1. Print out these FREE business card size flash cards have your child practice them.  (It looks like you have to buy something, but you truly don't.  Look for where it says business card size.)
    1. Print out both the New and Old Testament cards.
    2. If you print out two sets of both them you can play memory with them too!
    3. Here are alternate flash cards for older children.

Day 5

  1. Print out these Bingo Cards and play a game of Books of the Bible Bingo! (These Bingo Cards match the flash cards your printed out yesterday!)

Day 6

  1. Learn hand motions for each book to help you remember!
    1. Scroll down and print the hand motions for the Old and New Testaments.

Day 7 (Do some or all of these.)

    1. Pause it and make your own chart on poster board to hang on your wall!
  1. Here are some FREE Books of the Bible printable bookmarks.
  2. Print these FREE Old Testament Books of the Bible Printables (including copywork)
  3. Play this FREE online Books of the Bible Hangman Game!
  4. Unscramble the Books of the Bible.
  5. Animated Books of the Bible software download.


  1. Repeat any of the previous activities if your child hasn't memorized all of the books in order yet.
  2. When your child has memorized all of the Books of the Bible in order print out this certificate of achievement!

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

10 Reasons Why I'm Not Going to the Homeschool Conventions

This year I have chosen to abstain from attending any homeschool conventions.  I have several reasons, but let's see if I can come up with 10. ;)

1.  Last year I didn't see anything that I didn't already know about.

2.  I'd rather sit in the living room of another homeschool mom to flip through curriculum that I'd like to see before I buy.

3.  I don't want to be sold on any particular curriculum by someone who is working for that company.

4.  I have never gotten the best price on curriculum that I'm actually LOOKING for at a convention.  I have always gotten a better price buying from Amazon or buying used from another homeschool mom.

5.  I am usually led astray by good deals on items I never intended on buying in the first place.

6.  I don't find it wise to live in constant temptation.  The glossy exciting catalogs that you bring HOME are a reference, but also a great temptation and distraction.

7.  Buying everything I think I need for the entire school year before it starts usually leaves me with several items that I thought I needed unused. 

8. These unused items cause guilt because I bought them new and paid the price, so they end up on the (I might use it someday) SHELF. 

9. Buying items as I NEED them throughout the school year, or when (the items I NEED) they are deeply discounted reduces my expenses and guilt.

10. Last but not least, it is hot and crowded in those convention halls and I leave with a headache.  

Bonus: I have to pay to get into these conventions that leave me with a headache! ;)

How do you feel about conventions? What are some of your favorite items you've picked up from a convention? Are you going to any conventions this year, why or why not?

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Friday, April 5, 2013

Life of Fred: Apples, Chapter 8


        Fish-yellow Clip Art

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Life of Fred; Apples, Chapter 7

Stop drop and roll on over to Noah's Ark Homeschool Academy on Wordpress to download the FREE printable work page pack that accompanies this lesson.

  • Million Drop Rain

    • Review what you have learned about Archimedes in Chapter 6.
    • How old is Fetti's Painting? Take the year it is now and subtract the year that Fetti painted Archimedes Thoughtful and record your results in your math journal.
    • Do the math to figure out what year photography was invented and record your results in your math journal.
    • Draw a picture of what you think Archimedes looks like and give your Masterpiece a title.  Write a synopsis of what you have learned thus far about Archimedes.
    • Answer these questions in your synopsis:
      • Why did Archimedes do math?
      • What did he use his math knowledge for?
      • What was Archimedes last words?
    • Watch this video about Pi and Circles.
    • Watch this video ahead of your children and prepare the supplies for your children to complete this project.
  • Set your clock to 10:00
  • Play this USA Geography game to learn the states.

  • Alligators, whales, and ocean liners OH MY! Algebra with Y!

  • Draw and label a staircase to 50 in your math journal.

  • Euclid and The Elements
  • Write a short essay entitled "Where I Live" including information about the climate, numbers associated with where you live, sizes or shapes where you live, and a few fun facts.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Mr. Popper's Penguins Unit Study Chapters 7-9

 Stop drop and roll over to Noah's Ark Homeschool Academy on Wordpress to download the Mr. Popper's Penguins Study Guide for Chapter's 7-9 to accompany this lesson.  Make sure to check out our other Study Guides as well.

Chapter 7
  • Vocabulary Words
  • Questions
    • Why was Mr. Popper making himself neat?
    • Who cleaned the Popper's house?
    • Who made the messes?
    • What was Captain Cook looking for?
    • Why was Captain Cook picking up?
    • What was Mr. and Mrs. Popper astonished about?
    • How many items did Captain Cook have in his rookery?
    • How many trips would it take to bring each item one at a time?
      • 2 at a time?
      • 5 at a time?
      • 10 at a time?
    • What have you learned about rookeries and what they mean to penguins?
      • What is a rookery?
      • Why do penguins make rookeries?
      • What purpose do rookeries serve?
      • What do penguins usually build their rookeries with?
    • What did Mrs. Popper reproach Mr. Popper for?
    • Who did Mr. Popper look like?
    • What do you think Mr. Popper will use the clothesline for?
  • Rookery means something else when talking about Emperor Penguins.  Follow this link to find out what rookery means when talking about Emperor Penguins and take an expedition!
  • Here is a picture of Adelie Penguins caring for their egg.
  • Read and look at pictures of penguins in Antarctica and their rookeries.  (Don't miss this one!  Great information and pictures!)
  • Captain Cook is an Adelie penguin.  Have your child do a report on Adelie penguins.  Your child can use this site all about Adelie penguins to do research for their report.
  • Upper Elementary children can use this site also to gain more information for their report.
  • Here is another great resource to help with the report.
Chapter 8
  • Vocabulary Words
  • Questions
    • What convinced Captain Cook to let Mr. Popper lead him?
    • What is a Sunday derby?
    • How did Captain Cook get down the porch steps?
    • Who was the first person they met on their walk?
    • Why did Mrs. Callahan say "Heaven preserve us?"
      • Mrs. Callahan mistook Captain Cook for an owl, goose, or anteater.  The reporter's mistook Captain Cook for a Pelican.  Compare and contrast these different animals against each other and against a penguin.  What do they have in common and what are their differences?
      • Make a mental map in your head of the neighborhood the Popper's live in.  Start at the Popper's house then walk down Proudfoot Ave. to the Drug Store on the corner of Proudfoot Ave. and Main st.  Now draw your map on a piece of paper.  Decorate it with trees and cars and whatever else you think would be in their neighborhood.  Remember that they lived a long time ago, so things looked different then.
    • What are boric crystals and what did Captain Cook mistake them for?
      • Learn about boric crystals by doing this experiment and growing your very own crystal.  Don't forget to watch the video.
    • Who were the two young men and what was their interest in Mr. Popper and Captain Cook?
    • What did the reporter say that the public will want to know?
    • Do you think the reporter believed Mr. Popper that he got Captain Cook as a present from Admiral Drake? Why or why not?
Chapter 9
  • Vocabulary Words
    • Spectacle
      • What was the spectacle that Captain Cook found very interesting?
    • Try these online flash cards to help you practice your Mr. Popper's Penguins vocabulary words.
  • Questions
    • How did Mr. Popper and Captain Cook get out of the Barber Shop?
      • Add the alley to your map.
    • Tell how Mr. Popper and Captain Cook got down the stairs.
    • Why was it unwise for Mr. Popper to tie himself to Captain Cook?

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Water Unit Study

File:Water cycle blank.svg

  1. First stop is Kid Zone where they have simple descriptions and scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the activity sheets!
  2. Next, check out these Water Cycle Power Point Presentations and Games.
  3. Then head over to Sarah's Sweeties Wordpress Blog to see what they did for their Water Unit Study.
  4. Watch these Water Unit Study videos for the littles :)
  5. Pick and choose from these Water Unit Study Videos.
  6. Over at Not Just Cute they have a bunch of great ideas of how to incorporate your preschoolers into you study.
  7. has leveled curriculum all about water!  A great resource!
  8. This is a Unit Study download by Gwen.
  9. Visit My Teacher's Page for some great Water Cycle resources including games, videos, webquests, and quizzes.
  10. Cookies Domain also has some great resources including a handwriting printable of Amos 9:6.
  11. Drinking Water explained by the US EPA for kids.
  12. Drinking Water and Ground Water Kids page with lesson plans, activity pages, and games for grades K-12.
  13. Lot's of great information here including vocabulary words and interactive games!
  14. Living Montessori Now has a great Montessori inspired Cloud Unit Study.
  15. Identify clouds with this cloud key.
  16. Use the key to help you make the different types of clouds out of shaving cream.
  17. Water Cycle Mini- Unit
  18. Water Cycle Song (sung to the tune of Old McDonald)
  19. Experiment: Weather in a Cup
  20. Water Cycle Reader's Theatre Script
  21. Cut and Paste the Water Cycle
  22. How does popcorn pop Power Point Presentation (use this power point to talk about evaporation and steam.)
  23. All About Clouds! Recording Sheet
  24. Clouds, clouds, and more clouds Power Point Presentation.  (Very informative and GREAT pictures!)
  25. The Amazing World of Clouds Craftivity
  26. Cloud in a Jar Observation Book
  27. Clouds and Storms Bible Lesson PPP
  28. Cloud Types PPP
  29. Use these cloud alphabet letters to practice spelling words, phonics or vocabulary words.  Use the numbers for making equations.
  30. Use these cloud formation cards for math, review, and as calendar numbers.
  31. Rainy Day Digraph Sort (for the littles :)
  32. Get your head in the clouds activity
  33. Visit Noah's Ark Homeschool Academy's Water Unit Study Pinterest Board

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Life of Fred; Apples, Chapter 6

    I am posting this without the pictures because we are not done with the lesson, but I know there a few of you that are following the lesson plans I have posted to go along with your Life of Fred studies.  I will update with pictures once we have completed the lesson.  Thanks for understanding.  (The lesson itself is complete, for you use.)
Stop Drop and Roll over to Noah's Ark Homeshcool Academy on Wordpress to download the FREE printable pack that goes along with this lesson.
  • Set your clock to 8 o'clock
  • Have your children draw stairs again only keep going to the 20th stair.

  • How much is a million

    • Print out the raindrop manipulatives and work pages.
    • Cut out the raindrops
    • Have your child use the raindrop manipulatives to represent parts of seven.
    • Have your child use the raindrop manipulatives to complete the workpages.
  • Review the days of the week
    • Look at previous Life of Fred posts for ideas on how to practice the days of the week.

  • Size
    • Art project:
      • Have your child fold their blue paper into four equal sections
      • Then have your child put no glue dots in the first section
      • A little bit in the second section
      • A medium amount in the third section
      • And a BIG amount in the last
      • Then hang them up so the glue dots drip down and dry to look like rain drops