Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Rock, Mineral, and Gems Unit Study

What a gem this unit study will be!

This is a disclaimer that these are not all creation based materials so please mark out the material in these resources that you (and I) don't agree with.

Here are some Free printable images of gems and minerals from Vintage Printable.

Creation Science Geology Unit (Focusing on the Flood)

Here is a FREE informational guide to minerals and gems.

Visit this List of U.S. State minerals, rocks, and gemstones.

What are minerals?

Rocks and Minerals Lapbook (this is not a free resource $9.99)

FREE Rocks and Minerals Lapbook (you must join a yahoo email group)

Head over to Simply Necessary with tons of great science project ideas, links to FREE lapbook
printables, and videos.

Homeschool Share has a FREE unit study on the book Rocks in His Head.

Science Kids has a lot of great information and ideas for a rocks and minerals unit study.

DIY Home School has a lesson plan for Rocks and Minerals to check out.

Crafty Classroom has a great Mini Unit Study on Rocks and Minerals with FREE printables and all!

How Rocks and Minerals are formed for Kids

Geology has a ton of information and lesson plans to pick through.

Mineral Infromation Institute has LOTS of FREE printables and lesson plans on of course Minerals.

Discover how rocks are formed.

Rock Hound Homepage has a lot of great information and ideas for collecting and studying rocks.

This is a hands on unit study on Rock Classification from a Christian perspective.

Earth Science Unit Study by Intellego (not a free resource $16.95)

Here are several FREE Geology Downloads to choose from.

This resource says it's for Highschool, but there is lot's of useful information on here for any grade so don't let it fool you.

Rocks and Minerals 4 You is loaded with information.

Yahoo Kids had a great links list your children can browse through.

National Geographic Kids Minerals and Gems is another awesome resource packed with information.

A to Z Homes Cool has a few really good links for Minerals and Gems research.

Kids Konnect has a plethera of links and some neat Fast Facts.

Cyber Sleuth Kids has an extensive list of kid friendly links to help in your research of Rocks and

Here is a Article from Education.com on Minerals and Gems.

Geology for Kids, A Study of our Earth has a well put together 5 chapter lesson for kids. (just remember that this is not a Christian website and you need to keep an eye for evolutionary content)

Beyond Penguins and Polar Bears has hands-on lesson plans and literacy activities on rocks and minerals, broken down into grade segments.

Mineralogy 4 Kids......What can I say? It's AWESOME!

You will find videos, lessons, and games about rocks on neoK12. (don't miss this one, it has lot's of video links)

Here you will find a compilation of Minerals and Crystals power point presentations.

The site Kid Activities offers several cute craft ideas using rocks.

Science New for Kids has a really cool article about lab make gems that you shouldn't miss.

Take a Virtual Feild Trip to the Kansas Underground Salt Museum!  Here are a few pictures from our Feild Trip to the Salt Museum.  Before you go on your trip here is the educational background you need to know.

Get ready for your next adventure!  Now you are headed off to a Diamond Factory where you can see how the take beautiful diamonds and turn them into jewelry.  Before you go, please read up on the History of Diamonds.

You Tube Video Links

Creation Science Dating of Rocks Part 1 ( for ages 10 and up )

Creation Science Dating of Rocks Part 2 ( for ages 10 and up )

Science in Action Rocks and Minerals

Make Me Genius Types of Rocks Kids Video (direct link, not on you tube)

Geology Kitchen: Three Types of Rocks (This video is AWESOME)

The Magic School Bus Rocks and Rolls

Mineral Indentification

This is a short video of a gold mining trommel

Adventure Quest Panning for Gold

That's it for now.  I hope you had an awesome adventure studying Rock, Minerals, and Gems!

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