Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Life of Fred; Apples, Chapter 7

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  • Million Drop Rain

    • Review what you have learned about Archimedes in Chapter 6.
    • How old is Fetti's Painting? Take the year it is now and subtract the year that Fetti painted Archimedes Thoughtful and record your results in your math journal.
    • Do the math to figure out what year photography was invented and record your results in your math journal.
    • Draw a picture of what you think Archimedes looks like and give your Masterpiece a title.  Write a synopsis of what you have learned thus far about Archimedes.
    • Answer these questions in your synopsis:
      • Why did Archimedes do math?
      • What did he use his math knowledge for?
      • What was Archimedes last words?
    • Watch this video about Pi and Circles.
    • Watch this video ahead of your children and prepare the supplies for your children to complete this project.
  • Set your clock to 10:00
  • Play this USA Geography game to learn the states.

  • Alligators, whales, and ocean liners OH MY! Algebra with Y!

  • Draw and label a staircase to 50 in your math journal.

  • Euclid and The Elements
  • Write a short essay entitled "Where I Live" including information about the climate, numbers associated with where you live, sizes or shapes where you live, and a few fun facts.


  1. I was wondering if you plan to blog on LOF any further? I love all the ideas you have blogged on so far and I know other moms who follow it too! Many of us were curious so I thought I would ask!