Saturday, November 17, 2012

Upper Elementary Native American Unit Study

On special request, this Native American Unit Study is for the more advance readers or approximately grades 4-6.  I hope you and your children find this Unit Study to be useful and enjoyable.  As always please screen these resources for yourself before showing them to your children.

Follow this link to the accompanying Notebooking Pages before you begin your adventure.

  1. First off start by reading up on Native American History.  There is a lot here so pick and choose what you are most interested in or do it all.  (scroll down to the American-Indian heading)  The titles in brown are Intermediate and the titles in read are Advanced.
  2. Take a Virtual Field Trip to a Longhouse.
  3. Native American History Video Part 1
  4. Native American History Video Part 2
  5. Native American History Video Part 3
  6. Native American History Video Part 4
  7. Watch these videos and learn everything there is to know about the dreamcatcher!
    1. The Dreamcatcher Part 1
    2. The Dreamcatcher Part 2
    3. The Dreamcatcher Part 3
    4. The Dreamcatcher Part 4
    5. The Dreamcatcher Part 5
    6. The Dreamcatcher Part 7
    7. Now make your own dreamcatcher.
  8. Learn about Native Americans contributions to Science.
  9. Learn the science behind constructing a canoe and build your own.
  10. Native American Virtual Field Trip (even includes a pdf worksheet to go along with your adventure)
  11. Math Lesson: Take your time to go through this amazing resource for Native American Geometry.
  12. Make your own Tepee craft.
  13. Or make a Tepee Diorama
  14. If you are really adventurous make an outdoor Tepee that you actually fit in.
  15. Listen to American Indian Fairy Tales and learn their culture.
  16. Book of IndiansAuthor: Holling C. Holling
    Unit Study at HomeschoolShare
  17. Here are some more resources from HomeschoolShare.
  18. Native American Coloring Pages (most geared for older children and including educational value.)
  19. Here are some more
  20. The Homeschool Mom has ton of stuff to pick through so pick and choose.
  21. Learn everything you ever wanted to know about Totem Poles. Make sure you explore this site!  There is a ton to see and learn here.
  22. Craft Activity: Soap Totem Pole
    1. Use these free totem pole designs to create a soap totem pole.
    2. Decide how many soap bars high you will want your totem pole.
    3. Next, draw your design in pen on your soap bars.  Make sure they aren't too detailed.
    4. After you have your design then you will want to gather some carving tools (tooth picks, butter knife, a finger nail kit)
    5. Follow your design and carve into the soap with your carving tools.
    6. After your design is carved you can paint it with finger nail polish or leave it plain.
    7. Lastly use tooth picks to stack the bars of soap into a totem pole.  You may need more then one tooth pick to secure each layer.
  23. Or you can cheat and do this easy Paper Totem Pole Craft.
  25. Learn about different kinds of Native American Headdresses.
  26. Now make your own Native American Headdress (not the cheesy construction paper feather kind)
  27. Indian Heroes and the Great Chieftains (Baldwin Project Free Online Book)
  28. Indian Boyhood (Baldwin Project Free Online Book)
  29. The Soul of the Indian (Baldwin Project Free Online Book)
  30. Blackfeet Indian Stories (Baldwin Project Free Online Book)
  31. Red Indian Fairy Book (Baldwin Project Free Online Book)
  32. Take A Virtual Tour:

    A Virtual Tour of the National Museum of the American Indian ExhibitionsCreation’s JourneyandAll Roads Are Good

  33. Watch this video of a Native American Pow Wow
  34. Use the picture dictionary below to make your own American Indian Fairy Tale. 
    1. First you need a paper grocery sack or for a mini-version a paper lunch sack.
    2. Then crumple up the paper sack.  The more the better!
    3. For the best results use charcoal (or substitute with black crayon) and write your Native American Picture Story on your crumpled sack.



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  1. Great resources. Thank you so much!

    1. Well, thank you so much for letting me know your thoughts! I will try to put together more lessons for the upper grades in the future. :)

  2. Thank you so much for all of these great ideas and resources. I was looking for a way to make my son's homeschool history Unit Study on North American Indians, a more fun and interesting experience. You have given me so many ideas!

  3. Thanks for such a great list! I'm going to be using this list, and sharing it with my own readers.