Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Where To Buy Used Homeschool Curriculum

In many cases homeschool families are on a tight budget, largely to do with being a one income family.  We are a thrifty breed and are always on the lookout for ways to save money.  I for one, pay special attention to the words FREE, USED, and REUSABLE.  When you apply these words to curriculum now you're really talking BIG SAVINGS, as we all know how expensive curriculum can be.  For large families with multiple ages it can really get out of control. 
I normally follow these steps when looking for curriculum:

* Does someone I know have this, and can I borrow it or have it?
* Check the Library's resources
* Search for FREE resources online
* Search USED items for sale in a co-op or online
* Look for REUSABLE items on SALE

I have put together a list of websites that sell USED homeschool curriculum below:

* Homeschool Classifieds
* Vegsource
* Amazon (search a specific title or homeschool)
* Ebay (search a specific title or homeschool)
* Christian Homeschoolers
* Another Day Books
* Ed Accents
* Ed Ex Books
* Homeschool Surplus
* The Back Pack
* Used Homeschool Curriculum
* Well Trained Mind Forums
* Swap (search a specific title or homeschool)

If you like FREE stuff like I do click this link to go to Homeschool For Free with Noahs Ark Homeschool Academy!

You can also find FREE homeschool curriculum on Homeschool Buyers Co-op!
 I hope this has been helpful.  Do you have some great sites that I don't have listed yet?  If you do please share them so I can add them!  Thanks, all and have a blessed day.

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