Thursday, December 27, 2012

Our Busy Bags Part 2

Make Your Own Pizza Busy Box!
For this busy box I used a personal pan size to-go box, tan, red, green, and white felt.  I didn't use a pattern, but I did use different size bowls, and glue sticks to make my circles.
My pizza box was used and has grease on it, but little guy likes that because it adds to the realness of it.

Nativity Busy Bag!
For this I used a free printable nativity that I found online and I printed it out on card stock.  I colored it and then stapled it together.  Little Guy also made a set.
What better place to store a Nativity than in a Christmas bag?

Bendables Busy Bag!
Days of Creation Match Game Busy Bag!
I downloaded these from

Days of Creation Puzzle Busy Bag!
I also downloaded these from

Matching Mittens Busy Bag!
For this bag I used a free mitten pattern that I found on the Internet and I decorated the mittens myself.  Then I numbered them on the back. 

As you can see I made two of each number and colored the front of the mittens to match each other.  I represented the number 3 different ways.  You can have the child just match the patterns and then flip them over to see the numbers, or you can have the child match the numbers and see if the mittens match each other.

Here are some design ideas.

As your child advances you can have them use the mittens to do addition equations.  Since I've written the dots to represent the numbers the child can check their answers.
Mitten Alphabet Order Busy Bag!
I store these cards with the other mitten number cards.
I also found these online for free.  I chose not to cut them apart so that Little Guy can put them in alphabetical order.  If you prefer you could cut them apart and have them match the uppercase letter to the lowercase letter.
Fraction Circles Busy Bag!
I store these in the pizza box.

And that's all for now folks.  Thanks for stopping by Noah's Ark Homeschool Academy, and we hope to see you back soon!

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