Thursday, January 10, 2013

Life of Fred; Apples, Chapter 6

    I am posting this without the pictures because we are not done with the lesson, but I know there a few of you that are following the lesson plans I have posted to go along with your Life of Fred studies.  I will update with pictures once we have completed the lesson.  Thanks for understanding.  (The lesson itself is complete, for you use.)
Stop Drop and Roll over to Noah's Ark Homeshcool Academy on Wordpress to download the FREE printable pack that goes along with this lesson.
  • Set your clock to 8 o'clock
  • Have your children draw stairs again only keep going to the 20th stair.

  • How much is a million

    • Print out the raindrop manipulatives and work pages.
    • Cut out the raindrops
    • Have your child use the raindrop manipulatives to represent parts of seven.
    • Have your child use the raindrop manipulatives to complete the workpages.
  • Review the days of the week
    • Look at previous Life of Fred posts for ideas on how to practice the days of the week.

  • Size
    • Art project:
      • Have your child fold their blue paper into four equal sections
      • Then have your child put no glue dots in the first section
      • A little bit in the second section
      • A medium amount in the third section
      • And a BIG amount in the last
      • Then hang them up so the glue dots drip down and dry to look like rain drops


  1. I absolutely LOVE this LOF series you have going and appreciate your hard work so much! I also have a blog that gets a decent amount of traffic as I'm sure you do but no one ever comments lol, so I wanted to let you know your hard work is not going un-noticed! I have a few fellow homeschoolers who are also following along and appreciating what you're doing!!!

    1. Wow! Thank you so much for your comment! I truly appreciate the time you took to let me know your thoughts! I am sorry it has taken me so long to respond. I haven't had my computer for awhile now. My daughter accidently spilt coffee on it :/ I am back to work though and I will be updating with new Life of Fred lessons.