Saturday, January 12, 2013

Water Unit Study

File:Water cycle blank.svg

  1. First stop is Kid Zone where they have simple descriptions and scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the activity sheets!
  2. Next, check out these Water Cycle Power Point Presentations and Games.
  3. Then head over to Sarah's Sweeties Wordpress Blog to see what they did for their Water Unit Study.
  4. Watch these Water Unit Study videos for the littles :)
  5. Pick and choose from these Water Unit Study Videos.
  6. Over at Not Just Cute they have a bunch of great ideas of how to incorporate your preschoolers into you study.
  7. has leveled curriculum all about water!  A great resource!
  8. This is a Unit Study download by Gwen.
  9. Visit My Teacher's Page for some great Water Cycle resources including games, videos, webquests, and quizzes.
  10. Cookies Domain also has some great resources including a handwriting printable of Amos 9:6.
  11. Drinking Water explained by the US EPA for kids.
  12. Drinking Water and Ground Water Kids page with lesson plans, activity pages, and games for grades K-12.
  13. Lot's of great information here including vocabulary words and interactive games!
  14. Living Montessori Now has a great Montessori inspired Cloud Unit Study.
  15. Identify clouds with this cloud key.
  16. Use the key to help you make the different types of clouds out of shaving cream.
  17. Water Cycle Mini- Unit
  18. Water Cycle Song (sung to the tune of Old McDonald)
  19. Experiment: Weather in a Cup
  20. Water Cycle Reader's Theatre Script
  21. Cut and Paste the Water Cycle
  22. How does popcorn pop Power Point Presentation (use this power point to talk about evaporation and steam.)
  23. All About Clouds! Recording Sheet
  24. Clouds, clouds, and more clouds Power Point Presentation.  (Very informative and GREAT pictures!)
  25. The Amazing World of Clouds Craftivity
  26. Cloud in a Jar Observation Book
  27. Clouds and Storms Bible Lesson PPP
  28. Cloud Types PPP
  29. Use these cloud alphabet letters to practice spelling words, phonics or vocabulary words.  Use the numbers for making equations.
  30. Use these cloud formation cards for math, review, and as calendar numbers.
  31. Rainy Day Digraph Sort (for the littles :)
  32. Get your head in the clouds activity
  33. Visit Noah's Ark Homeschool Academy's Water Unit Study Pinterest Board


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