Thursday, April 11, 2013

10 Reasons Why I'm Not Going to the Homeschool Conventions

This year I have chosen to abstain from attending any homeschool conventions.  I have several reasons, but let's see if I can come up with 10. ;)

1.  Last year I didn't see anything that I didn't already know about.

2.  I'd rather sit in the living room of another homeschool mom to flip through curriculum that I'd like to see before I buy.

3.  I don't want to be sold on any particular curriculum by someone who is working for that company.

4.  I have never gotten the best price on curriculum that I'm actually LOOKING for at a convention.  I have always gotten a better price buying from Amazon or buying used from another homeschool mom.

5.  I am usually led astray by good deals on items I never intended on buying in the first place.

6.  I don't find it wise to live in constant temptation.  The glossy exciting catalogs that you bring HOME are a reference, but also a great temptation and distraction.

7.  Buying everything I think I need for the entire school year before it starts usually leaves me with several items that I thought I needed unused. 

8. These unused items cause guilt because I bought them new and paid the price, so they end up on the (I might use it someday) SHELF. 

9. Buying items as I NEED them throughout the school year, or when (the items I NEED) they are deeply discounted reduces my expenses and guilt.

10. Last but not least, it is hot and crowded in those convention halls and I leave with a headache.  

Bonus: I have to pay to get into these conventions that leave me with a headache! ;)

How do you feel about conventions? What are some of your favorite items you've picked up from a convention? Are you going to any conventions this year, why or why not?

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  1. I went a couple times, but now I'm with you. Anything I want to learn about homeschooling I can learn on the internet or in a book, and that includes tons of curriculum ideas (if I even bought boxed curriculum, which I don't). And the prices! The prices are crazy high for me, who's used to buying things used on eBay or getting them free when someone else is done with them and then passing them along to someone else.

    1. I have also been, and experienced it. For those that have never been, it may be a fun outing. Although, I would cation them to bring only the amount of money they would want to spend for pure entertainment purposes. I totally agree with you, that buying used or even free is much better! Passing along is very important within our community. That is one of the reasons why I created this blog. I wanted to serve the homeschool community that has given so much to me. I try to offer lots of free resources to help other families. Thanks for reading and commenting. It truly means a lot!

  2. I have been to several conventions in past years in Alaska and was planning to attend my first Kansas convention this year, but the night before I checked the website and saw that I would have to pay $50 for registration ($20 just to see stuff to buy!) and $35 per child (2) since children are discouraged from attending because of the lack of space. I feel wonderful that I saved the money, even though I was excited to hear some of the speakers. On the other hand, I have left Christian conferences in tears before because the speakers had very strong opinions that were not in line with our family life (ie: my son was over in the corner of the conference room keeping quiet by playing his hand-held video game and the speaker spoke sternly about children's brains "going to mush" if we, as parents, let them play the video games).

    1. I know exactly what you mean. Instead of parents making sure their children have the newest phone, homeschoolers are making sure they are as old fashioned as possible. I am pretty old fashioned, however I am still behind the Jones'. :) Thank you for your comment!