Monday, April 15, 2013

Memorizing the Books of the Bible

Jesus Resurrected

Day 1

  1. Make a Bible Memorization Notebook
    1. Start by printing off all these Books of the Bible coloring pages.  (Each one prints individually.)
    2. Hole punch them and put them in a folder or binder.
    3. Have your child color a few each day. 
    4. Place a lined piece of paper behind each of the coloring pages.
    5. Use these lined pieces of paper to record your child's memory verses, memory work.
    6. You may also place other Bible lessons behind these books.

Day 2

  1. Have your child do these Books of the Bible Word Searches.

Day 3

  1. Watch this video to see how to play this game. 
    1. I suggest you modify it so you can play this game anytime with 1 or several children.
    2. First write each division of the Bible on a separate piece of colored paper (or card stock) and then have them laminated.
      1. Law
      2. History
      3. Poetry
      4. Major Prophets
      5. Minor Prophets
      6. Gospels
      7. History
      8. Epistles (Letters)
      9. Prophesy
    3. Now you can put these papers on the floor and call out the Books of the Bible.
    4. Have the children either run, walk, skip, crawl, jump, skip, tip-toe...... to the division of the Bible that the Book you called out is in.
    5. Or, you can modify it further by writing each Book of the Bible on index cards and have your child sort them out. 
      1. They can just place the index cards on the division paper, or you can have them put them in order under the division paper.

Day 4

  1. Print out these FREE business card size flash cards have your child practice them.  (It looks like you have to buy something, but you truly don't.  Look for where it says business card size.)
    1. Print out both the New and Old Testament cards.
    2. If you print out two sets of both them you can play memory with them too!
    3. Here are alternate flash cards for older children.

Day 5

  1. Print out these Bingo Cards and play a game of Books of the Bible Bingo! (These Bingo Cards match the flash cards your printed out yesterday!)

Day 6

  1. Learn hand motions for each book to help you remember!
    1. Scroll down and print the hand motions for the Old and New Testaments.

Day 7 (Do some or all of these.)

    1. Pause it and make your own chart on poster board to hang on your wall!
  1. Here are some FREE Books of the Bible printable bookmarks.
  2. Print these FREE Old Testament Books of the Bible Printables (including copywork)
  3. Play this FREE online Books of the Bible Hangman Game!
  4. Unscramble the Books of the Bible.
  5. Animated Books of the Bible software download.


  1. Repeat any of the previous activities if your child hasn't memorized all of the books in order yet.
  2. When your child has memorized all of the Books of the Bible in order print out this certificate of achievement!

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